How To Make An Easter Bonnet

en mosaic - How To Make An Easter Bonnet. This mosaic provided for informational purposes only and share your mosaic knowlegde about Make An Easter Bonnet. There was a time when you could felt-tip a smiley face on a hardboiled egg, pack your kid off to school with it and Bob’s your uncle. See detail about Easter Bonnet mosaic at here en mosaic - How To Make An Easter Bonnet.

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There was a time when you could felt-tip a smiley face on a hardboiled egg, pack your kid off to school with it and Bob’s your uncle. These days it’s all about the Easter bonnet parade – and making one of those is no doddle. Happily, those parenting gurus at Mumsnet have come up with a handy guide for how to create the bonniest bonnets this spring.

As they put it: “The Easter bonnet parade is the event guaranteed to bring out even the most latent competitive mum. To help avoid you being trumped in the millinery stakes, we’ve gathered Mumsnetters’ bonnet-crafting tips and ideas.”

One Musmnetter, Nickschick, recalls: "At my daughter's school, the winner was a bonnet with a table of 12 apostles and an empty seat.... it won. It was a Catholic school though."

Fellow poster Spidermama adds: "You should have seen the Easter bonnets at last year's parade at the primary school. They would have sat easily in the Tate. Some of them had clearly been months in the planning and had taken someone 10 or 15 hours to make. “My daughter went in a couple of cardboard bunny ears she had cut out herself. She won some token prize, probably for being the only child who had quite clearly had no help whatsoever from her parents.”

So here goes - beginning with a basic version and working up to all manner of lavish concoctions :
The basic Easter bonnet

- Cut a strip of thin card long enough to fit around your child's head. Staple, glue or sticky tape into a circle.
- Cut two more strips, one to go from the circle over the head left to right and one from back to front. Push a sheet of crepe paper up into the hat to fill in the gaps and stick in place.
- Cover the outside with Easter-themed regalia of your choice – paper butterflies, daffodils, tissue rosettes, fluffy toy chicks and cotton wool… or all of the above!

The giant hot cross bun bonnet
Scrunch up some newspaper and wrap it in another sheet of newspaper or crepe paper to create a giant bun shape. Paint it brown and use two strips of white paper to create the ‘cross’ effect on top – and add the ‘raisins’ with stuck-on black or darker brown circles of felt, paper or even giant buttons. Attach the whole thing to your child’s head with wide ribbon, staples or glued to either side of the hat and secured with a bow.

The bunny bonnet
Mumsnetter ‘Sameagain’ explains: “Bunny rabbit ears are another idea. A cardboard band around the head with cardboard ears attached. Stick on cotton wool to make fluffy."

The Easter duckling bonnet
"Get a baseball cap and cover it in yellow feathers. Put yellow foam stuff on the peak and a couple of googly eyes and drew some nostrils. Voila! A chick/duckling." (From ‘themildmanneredjanitor’)

The Easter nest bonnet
Buy some coconut matting or roughly chop up some raffia and stick to the outside of a cheap plastic party shop hat to resemble a nest. Add a few small twigs and pieces of green card cut to look like grass and leaves. Glue some fluffy toy chicks and pretend eggs in the middle, on top – and there you have it

Bunny in a flowerpot bonnet
Cut the bottom off a plastic flower pot and slot it over the ‘dome’ of a cheap straw hat. Cut green crepe paper into grass and stick inside the flower pot, so it is sticking out of the top. Pop a soft toy bunny in the pot with its face poking over the grass. Make blossom using pink and yellow crepe paper and stuff around the bunny in the centre of the pot. To really go to town, cover the entire brim of the hat in tissue ‘rosette’ flowers.

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